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    Shop our extensive range of Toilets - Full back-to-wall suites, wall hung toilets and wall-faced toilets. Our range is carefully curated for the Australian bathroom. With our trademark models like the Q designed by Australian designers, we also carry federation style toilets, contemporary styles as well as rimless technology. 

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    A Great Range Of Toilets For Any Bathroom Project

    At Studio Bagno we stock a tasteful collection of market leading back to wall toilets, toilet suites, wall faced pans, wall hung pans and concealed suites. Many of our toilets are made in Europe and all come with a 10 year peace of mind warranty. Our range includes contemporary styles, rimless technology and federation style toilets.

    Modern toilets are not the unattractive functional products they once were. Craftsmanship and advances in technology mean that your toilet will not only meet it’s functional requirements, but also deliver in the design department too.

    If space is a concern, we have a great collection of wall faced pans, which conceal the working components (in wall cistern) inside the wall or benchtop. You can also create a clean floating aesthetic by using one of our wall hung pans, which reduces hidden dust deposits. Take a look at our in-wall cistern collection here.

    If cleaning is your concern, don’t look past our new collection of rimless toilets, which replace the traditional box rim with a clean and functional canal around the top of the toilet bowl. This doesn’t leave anywhere for bacteria to hide and makes cleaning that much easier.

    If colour is your thing, we stock a range of matte black toilets and matte white toilets. Adding a dash of colour to your bathroom is an excellent way to truly express your bathroom style.

    Inside our cisterns you will find only the best mechanisms from the world’s most trusted manufacturers – Oli and Geberit. These leading manufacturers have been trusted by customers all over the world for decades and deliver the most reliable and consistent flush. Spare parts are easily attainable from your local plumbing supplier.

    If you’re having trouble picking the perfect toilet for your bathroom project stop into one of our retailer distributors or give us a call on (02)9601 1948.


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