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    Introducing the Wallpaper Collection by Devon&Devon

    Wallpape in your Bathroom


    A proposal original as it is elegant, rich and versatile, unique designs to decorate private homes, residential projects and refined boutique hotels.


    The Devon &s; Devon Wallpaper collection adapts to multiple contexts, suggesting rigorous classicism or the exquisitely eclectic.



    Wallpaper in your Bathroom - 2


    There are 32 Themes ranging from geometric patterns - with three-dimensional and optical effects - to Art Deco inspired, passing then for oriental and arabesque motifs, floral and animal subjects, hyper-coloured and quite surreal. And then extravagant, gold fish, dreamlike landscapes and retro damask fabrics, perfect and atmospheric.



    Wallpaper in your Bathroom - 3

    Wallpaper in your Bathroom - 4


    For more info please call us at (02) 9601 1948 and we will be happy to assist.


    Click the link below to download the complete catalogue today from the Devon&s;Devon website and make your design and colourway selection!

    Download Catalogue



    Wallpaper Technical Properties

    The wallpaper is printed on a vinyl base mounted on the back of a 350g non-woven (TNT) Sheet, which guarantees high stability during both applicatino and removal.

    The paper can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth (but avoid any kind of abraisive products), is flame-retardant, does not shrink or distort and does not tear when glued.

    It contains no heavy-metal compunds. It complies with regulations relating to permeability and water vapour and belongs to fire class rating B-s2.d0. They are non-flammable, non-combustible and nickel-free.

    The inks used possess certificates of excellence which guarantee the utmost respect for the environment, as well as guaranteeing the origin of the raw materials and the safety of the product in use. They contain water, are completely odourless and are suitable for any room.

    Thanks to their high quality, they are ideal for covering small and large areas. They do not require hazard labels as per EU 1999/45EC directive.