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    Choosing The Right Basin for your Bathroom - Part Two: Semi Recessed

    Choosing the Right Basin For Your Bathroom - Semi-Recessed Basins


    If you’re looking for a great space saving solution in your bathroom, a semi recessed basin is a proven heavy hitter.

    In the second edition of our basin guide, we’ll take a look at the what, why and how of choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom.



    Semi recessed basins are characterised by the way they are installed. They have a cut-out on the side of the basin that allows them to be mounted partially on the bench top and partially protruding beyond the bench top.




    Semi-recessed basins are perfect for situations where you only have limited bench space, generally under 400mm. The reason they are so effective is because the space required to mount the basin is only as large as the cut-out depth, meaning you can install a relatively large basin on a relatively small bench top.

    There are plenty of great options available, with tap landing:

    Semi Recessed Basins by Studio Bagno


    Without tap landing, for aesthetic reasons or in really tight spaces where you don’t have room for a tap on the basin or bench top:

    Semi Recessed Basins - Browse Our Entire Semi Recessed Collection here


    Round and Square edged basins:

    Example of Round and Square Edged Semi Recessed Basins


    If navigating around the basin is an issue, round basins are great because there’s no hard edge to bump into!


    Why Not?


    Like bench-mounted basins, semi recessed basins will have a join where they meet the bench top, meaning a little extra cleaning.

    Installation is also a bit more complicated than a simple counter-top basin. Your stonemason or cabinet maker will need to cut the bench top according to the dimensions of the cut out. We recommend waiting until you have the basin before cutting stone, as most ceramic basins will vary slightly form piece to piece




    As mentioned above, your stone mason or cabinet maker (depending on the material you’re using for your bench top) will need to cut a hole in your bench top according to the size of the basin cut out.



    Example of Semi Recessed Basin Cut-Out


    Once the hole is cut, the basin can be secured in place with silicone and you’re good to go!

    Tapware is usually mounted from the wall to save space, or from the tap landing on the basin itself.

    Finished Project Photos of Our Semi Recessed Basins


    As always, try and ensure the stream of water hits on or close to the waste (our Pop series has adjustable aerators which makes this process a breeze! - You can see our Pop range HERE)

    Browse Our Entire Semi Recessed Basin Range HERE

    If you have questions or need help choosing your perfect basin get in touch!

    02 9601 1948